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  • Extreme Brake Hoses - Discovery 3

    Extreme Brake Hoses - Discovery 3


    Extreme 4x4 Performance Brake Hoses are manufactured from quality stainless steel Teflon brake hose.

    Each Hose is finished with a protective PVC cover & finished with quality stainless steel swaged fittings.

    Some manufactures advertise Stainless Steel kits but use plated mild steel fittings. We only use quality Stainless Steel fittings on our brake hoses.

    Each Extreme 4x4 Hose has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

    Made in the UK.

    Sold in kit consisting of 8 hoses.

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    XTR8 Extreme Brake Hoses - Discovery 3 £166.66+ vat
    £199.99 inc vat
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